Collection of Information – Permission by Clients

This website is operated by Tech By Pros. In the context of this all referrals to self & person are to be taken for Tech By Pros. Tech By Pros offers services & promotions related to this website, upon acceptance of terms & conditions by user, under the policies & notices stated here. By browsing through this site and/ or purchasing any services from us, you are taking our “Service” and therefore in essence you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”, “Terms”), including but not limited to additional terms and conditions and policies referenced down under.

Design Revision Policy

Revisions would be allowed as per the package that has been selected by the user. Clients will have the privilege to approach us for free amendments (conditional to the package offered) and we will be obliged to revise and made changes in their design free of cost, given that the design and concept essence are unchanged intact. Any revision would be re-shared not before 24 hours.

Design Refund Policy

In any circumstances, no funds would be refunded after approval of design & concepts (after delivery of the same) not to mention if Tech By Pros cancels or ends your Contract for a reason other than your breach or non-execution that would render a proportional refund applicable.

All requests for refund will be as per the following arrangement:

  • The refund offer will not be applicable post approval or after asking for changes in the initial designs. Further, no refund request will be processed & would not be entertained after 72 hours of the initial design delivery.
  • Tech By Pros maintains the right to approve/reject any or all refund requests based on the circumstances of your case. Any refund request would only be applicable to be made to the dedicated account manager.
  • You are eligible for a 100% refund provided the refund is requested before the delivery of the first set of design. Please note that for this refund we will be refunding a pro-rated amount after deduction of processing fee.
  • If the refund request is made within 48-96 hours of first submission of design concepts, you will be eligible for only a 50% refund (if no revisions have been requested till that time).
  • No request for refund will be entertained after inaction by the customer of minimum 7 working days. If you wish to reactivate your order, you will be charged a minimum fee of 5% of your package selected before.
  • No refund will be entertained after the final design files have been submitted.
  • Tech By Pros reserves the right to decline any refund request for if client is committing fraudulent steps or deceptive activities. If the client has sub-contracted the same project to any other design firm, then the refund policy for project in question would be void and no refund would be processed

Logo and Website Design Services:

For Logo & Website packages, client will not be eligible for refunds If the initial design for logo has been revised (after taking the client feedback) or the inner pages have been developed after getting client’s endorsement of the home page. All requests for refund will only be valid if communicated to the dedicated account manager assigned to the client.

For the Tech By Pros branding deals, the refund will also be effective with same rules. For instance, a client can only be eligible for a refund if the combined deal is not started in essence like if you order a combo package for logo and web design and approve the logo and wants to refund the website – it would only be refunded if no work has been done on initial pages of Website.

Tech by Pros expects a reasonableness of the requests for any refund requests and would process on the backdrop of same.

Ownership & Title of Design

Clients will own the final design product however will not have the rights and ownership for all components like any materials, media or other content produced during any revision periods leading up to the final product. We have the rights reserved for all ideas design and content.

By agreeing to these terms, you hereby agree that during the tenor of our engagement and after that as well, neither Tech By Pros nor you as an individual will have the rights misbehave or do damage to our employees or partners on public / social media platforms and public forums.

Before delivery of design, all efforts of design require consistent customer feedback hence there is a need for to customer to remain engaged and present during the design phase to provide any or all necessary information to achieve successful results of Project design. For If any logo delivered by Tech by Pros is found to be substantially identical to another template, the 100 per cent original branding commitment would make you eligible for a new design logo.

Disclaimer: Any similarity to a pre-existing logo design is completely coincidental and Tech By Pros doesn’t take any liability for any compensation or claim for such situation. It is therefore the client’s responsibility to copyright and trademark their design works.

Policy Compliance & Customer support

You can connect to our representatives via web-live chat on by sending us an email at [email protected] or dialing our contact numbers.

We offer continued Support to our clients in getting their tasks completed- feel free to get in touch for any question.


Personal information will only be collected for user profiling and record keeping for user interactions. No personal data of any client will be transferred or sold or taken any profit from during as well as after designs are delivered. However, Google or Bing may store your data in the form of cookies on your own system for any advertisement or enhanced user experience.

Copyright Infringement and Termination:

The design, contents and terms of Tech By Pros inclusive of all other forms of information regarding our brand is copyrighted. Therefore, theft of any intellectual property will be processed according to the copyrighting law of Oregon.

Misrepresentation of any data from the Clients end may result in termination of our agreement and would render all refund policies voided

Administration and Governing Law

This Agreement shall be regulated, construed and understood in conjunction with the laws of the State of Oregon and all acts and dealings pursuant to this Agreement and the rights and obligations of the parties to this Agreement, without giving effect to the rules of conflict of law.